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hello from far

Posted by gabriellecariolle at 16:48, December 20th, 2005

this is just a way to remind you all my tiny existence.
i have just reached NID and ahmedabad and as there is a proper internet connection in my room, i am crying with joy for such a blessing.
i am fine, thank you ; my projet has been nastily attacked by fate : most of my drawing have been destroyed by a sudden flood ten days ago in the middle of the night at chennai. like you see sometimes on tv, i had to carry my luggage on my head with water up to the belly, which is quite adventurous.
today i have noticed that i might have lost at this occasion my return ticket to uk, and perhaps i should do something about it.
otherwise, being a teacher is fun. indian students are beautiful as they don’t know what unrespect and despise to the authority mean. this is very lucky for me, but quite amazing for a frenchgirl.
i might start being more precise about my projet in the next days. i might as well transfer some little compressed ugly videos, cause that’s the only thing left.


Posted by gabriellecariolle at 20:02, November 5th, 2005

I’m going to India tomorrow. Woooo!

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