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Middle dog gets angry

Posted by georgegendi at 20:09, March 17th, 2005

middle dog gets angry 04 2
Hello everyone. Here is Middle dog gets angry. It’s very small but you can just about see.

Aspects of Identity

Posted by ianmackinnon at 20:00, March 17th, 2005


Michel 0.7Mb 2Mb, Thao 0.7Mb 2Mb, Emma 0.7Mb 2Mb

A series of time-lapse animations based on interviews with children about their identities. The animator and animation process are exposed to the camera along with each pixilated protagonist, a mark of the film-maker’s interpretation of the interviewees’ personalities, and a stamp of his own identity upon the films.

All films were made in one take and took between two and four hours each.