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Laurie Hill directs Vigorsol Air Action Xtreme Mission

Posted by lauriehill at 23:34, October 10th, 2015

Laurie Hill

Here’s some news!

I’ve directed a tasty animated project with Annex Films. It’s an online film for Vigorsol Air Action Xtreme gum, BBH the agency behind it.

This was a little while gestating but it finally got the go ahead and we dived in, plunged into a world of lemmings and snow.

It’s a collage-style project using manipulated photographic and footage source material from a variety of places. As such it required some heavy-duty picture research from the outset and there were some interesting challenges along the way!

I gotta say, I was working with a very very wonderful, creative and crazily talented animation team for this. Thank you Bill Porter and thank you Michael Zauner. You’re both amazing! Animation was by the three of us.

Here’s a link to my Director’s cut.

Here’s a link to the Italian language version.

Blurb on the Annex website about the project.

I’ll pop a few stills in too. Here we go:

Photograph Of Jesus at Big Cartoon Festival

Posted by lauriehill at 23:26, October 10th, 2015

Laurie Hill

Photograph Of Jesus is to screen at the 9th Big Cartoon Festival, Moscow, Russia.

30 Oct – 8 November, 2015


2ManyDjs Under The Covers show visuals

Posted by lauriehill at 23:22, October 10th, 2015


Laurie Hill

Summer and 2ManyDjs played another of their Under The Covers shows at this year’s Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium. Of course more splendid animated collage visuals were required and I was happy to do my bit!