How to register:
Email Ian at ianmackinnon<AT>hotmail<DOT>com and tell him that you want an account. He will email you your user name and password.

How to post a message:

  • Register, and wait to receive your user name and password.
  • Go to the front page and click the link called “login” in the lower-right of the front page under the heading “Meta”.
  • Enter the user name and password. Remember they are case sensitive, so be sure to include any capital letters.
  • Click on the link called “write” in the upper-left of the next page.
  • Give your post a title and write the body of the text.
  • Choose a relevant category from the list on the right. Only choose the “films” category if you are actually uploading a film.
  • Click “publish” in the lower-right.

How prepare your films for
This is quite complicated if you haven’t done it before. If you don’t understand any of the following information, ask another students or one of the technicians.

Make two compressed QuickTime files of your films with the following attributes:

Both versions:
Audio:   =   MPEG-4, unlimited data rate, 16 bit
Video:   =   Non-Streaming (Not Hinted)
Codec:   =   Sorenson Video 3 Pro
Bidirectional Frames:   =   Allow

Low Quality Version
Filename:   = (eg.
Resolution:   =   240×180 pixels
Video Data Rate:   =   168 Kbps
Key Frame every:   =   150 frames
Audio Sample Rate:   =   16000

Medium Quality Version
Filename:   = (eg.
Resolution:   =   320×240 pixels
Video Data Rate:   =   436 Kbps
Key Frame every:  =   300 frames
Audio Sample Rate:   =   32000

How to upload your films:

  • login
  • click the link named “upload”
  • in the box named “file”, click “choose” and locate one of the compressed QuickTime copies of your film
  • in the box named “description” write the size of the file, eg. 3.5Mb
  • Click the button called “upload file”
  • The next page will display a link similar to:

    <a href='' title='3.5Mb'>3.5Mb</a>

    Copy this somewhere safe for use later.

  • upload the other copy of your film in the same way, and make a note of the link for this film too.
  • Click the top link that says “write”. Make the title the name of your film and check the “film” box in the list of categories to the right.
  • Write the title of your film again as the first line of your post. Underneath that, copy both links into the body of your post and then write whatever you like about your film below like so:

    Bambi Meets Godzilla
    <a href='' title='3.5Mb'>3.5Mb</a>
    <a href='' title='8.5Mb'>8.5Mb</a>
    Bambi is contentedly nibbling the grass, seemingly unaware of his impending encounter...

  • Click the button in the bottom left called “advanced editing”
  • Where it says “edit time” put in the approximate date that your film was completed.
  • Press the “publish” button.