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Will Bishop-Threenames is a professional author and animator. He comes from a background in sculpture and printmaking, and he took part in a number of residencies in schools, hospitals and pupil referal units and got a book published by Walker Books, before heading off to the Royal College of Art to seek his fortune as an animator.

His latest film, 'The Adventures of John and John' is, as we speak, being released onto the international film festival circuit. At time of writing the next one is the Edinburgh International Film Festival in mid-July/August.

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Another Excerpt from John and John

Posted by Will at 19:20, January 31st, 2007

Hello. Due to popular demand in my imagination, here is another extract from ‘The Adventures of John and John’.
This time it is the Exciting Police Drama out of John’s Brain…
2.2MB of Exciting Police Drama

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Exerpt from John and John

Posted by Will at 12:34, January 27th, 2007

click here for quicktime of an excerpt of ‘The Adventures of John and John

Aojaj sm
The Adventures of John and John is the graduation film of Will Bishop Stephens
Dur. 7mins 11sec

There it is. An excerpt at last. I don’t think festivals mind excerpts.

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John and John doing the rounds

Posted by Will at 11:53, January 27th, 2007

Hello Folks,
I’ve been abroad, which was good fun. Premier Plans in Angers organised my travel and accomodation so I could afford to go. I don’t know if I’ve won a prize yet but it was very good anyway. I met lots of nice international filmmakers. I have posted a picture on www.wrongboy.com
The Adventures of John and John has won a prize at E-Magicians too, and it’s at Rotterdam this week.

Adventures of John and John in Trinidad and Tobago

Posted by Will at 19:51, October 15th, 2006

‘The Adventures of John of John’ has won another prize, this time ‘Best Student Film’ at the Trinidad and Tabago Film Festival. I don’t know if I get one of those big cardboard cheques, or a statuette or anything this time.
I think that big cardboard cheques and statuettes are a nice touch myself, but I await notification.

All the best,

The Adventures of John and John wins a Prize

Posted by Will at 11:33, September 15th, 2006

Hello everyone. I forgot to put a post up after edinburgh. Edinburgh was very exciting, and I won an award.

It is 3rd prize in the McLaren Award for British Animation, which is tremendously exciting, except that it has no cash prize attached and I didn’t get a statuette. Is that any way to treat Britians 3rd Best Animator? That’s right, it isn’t any way to treat Britian’s 3rd Best Animator, (the title by which I wish to be referred from now on.)

Britian’s 3rd Best Animator.

John and John

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Greedy Magpie

Posted by Will at 11:32, July 25th, 2006

Fri 28 July, 7pm
Greedy Magpie
late night fridays – adventures in music

YEBOROBO+agaskodo teliverek+fanfarlo+jack shirt

animations by RCA graduates + friends

installation by RUN GALLERY

Magiepie is getting greedy, hunting for filmmakers, musicians, performers, magicians and shoe-shiners. A night to lay-out a shiny stash of bright young things. GreedyMagpie@whitechapel.org

£5/4 concessions and Whitechapel Members
Advanced bookings strongly recommended

Edinburgh International Film Festival

Posted by Will at 14:39, July 20th, 2006

‘The Adventures of John and John’ will be screened at Edinburgh Film Festival, in the ‘McLaren Animation 1′ programme, on Wednesday 16th August, 15:00, Filmhouse 1, Animation Section. Please come along if you can and Whoop.

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DesignWeek article

Posted by Will at 14:22, July 20th, 2006

Below is an extract from www.designweek.co.uk

“State of play
Published: 13 July 2006

Today’s animation students have more sophisticated technologies available to them than ever before, but many still opt for traditional techniques, such as hand-drawing and model-making. Yolanda Zappaterra visits four colleges to see what their graduates are up to

IF animators had a bumper sticker, would it say ‘animators do it 24 times a second’? If it did, it would be a great way of advertising just how intensive and laborious the process of animation is – particularly when that animation is hand-drawn, painted or crafted from clay, paper, fabric or any other of the seemingly huge array of materials being used to create the work for this year’s graduation shows. But trying to get a sense of what’s happening in contemporary animation – the trends and developing techniques – by looking at as broad a range of work as possible is a difficult task.

So where to start? London’s Royal College of Art seems obvious. Here there’s as diverse a range of styles as you would expect from postgraduate students working closely with practising film-makers, and the standout pieces reflect their maturity and confidence. Will Bishop-Stephens’s John and John, for example, is an accomplished piece of storytelling that uses an impressive array of techniques and styles, cleverly framed, in a nicely plotted storyline. The predominant technique, model making, is as good as anything you’ll see professionally. Christopher Eales’ Five Angry Things also uses model-making, but it is very different. It’s a delightful piece of work that has shades of the Quay Brothers in the skilful crafting of both its surreal, slightly disturbing figures and its weird, off-kilter world.

But the RCA does wit too; Rowena True’s How the West Was Won, for example, is a painterly film, set in the Wild West, where Clint Eastwood and his cowboys ride the plains with their herds, until something weird crosses their paths. Coyotes and wolves they can deal with, but a takeaway hamburger joint is another matter. The bulk of the RCA work is hand-drawn, showing a rejection of computer-generated imagery in favour of more expressive, experiential and personal work. Ian McKinnon’s poignant Adjustment illustrates this very well, not only capturing the pain and confusion of the break-up of a relationship, but doing so through a clever exploration of the very nature of animation.

The evidence of a trend for hands-on crafting is visible at other colleges too…” {article continues}

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Posted by Will at 16:03, June 19th, 2006

All our films are finished and are ready to be SEEN.

The first comment to this post is a list of the screening times of the full Animation Showreel, to be seen at Lecture Theatre One of the Royal College of Art.

Also showing are all our films individually, on monitors in the gallery space, and Showreel DVD’s and accompanying booklet.

Come along- June 22nd to July 2nd

Wills production Diary_170506

Posted by Will at 9:56, May 17th, 2006

the last few days…Still animating. I have been editing as I go along so it’s not so bad. but there is a lot to do. Have to composite Model animation green screen- literally a green screen- with 2d animation. Am enlisting the help of Martin Pickles and Nuno Costa… Have discovered the joys of Final Cut Pro. I think I love it. I like Editing and I like Writing- I must be weird. I wish time was more elastic. Neeed Slleeeeeep.

At the final hurdle_050506

Posted by Will at 12:57, May 5th, 2006

DSC 000214 days to go. much of the model animation done, much still to go. still much of 2d funnystuff to be done too. less sleep. here is a picture of the boys in front of the screen, with the green screen colour which I will do a colour key composite-like when actors stand in front of a bluescreen for special effects.

production Diary_160406

Posted by Will at 1:48, April 16th, 2006

DSC 0047
It’s the easter holiday at the College and I am about 1/4 of the way through shooting. I have , um, let me see, 32 days left before it has to be finished, so I am not in the holiday spirit. Today I am doing 2d digital stuff at home.

Today’s photo is of my model shooting set-up at college which I am sorely missing these four days.

compact ay.

and with all the buttons and bells.

If you look carefully you can see the tiny room and tiny John sat at his table reading, and the other John tinkering with the CONSOLE

how about ‘The Adventures of John and John’ ?

shhooottting (part2)

Posted by Will at 10:45, March 24th, 2006

DSC 0062 2one of my characters, John, now with a body and a thoughtful demeanor.


Posted by Will at 10:39, March 24th, 2006


it’s bin a long time coming, but I am now shooting my film. Many of the faces I made for my models didn’t come out of the mould properly, so I may have to pause and do some more, but I have actually done some animation now. I am so happy.

STILL model making 020306

Posted by Will at 23:23, March 2nd, 2006


will’s production diary240206

Posted by Will at 12:46, February 24th, 2006

DSCN0959Oh dear. Model making is a very long proccess of trial and repeated error.

This little chap is going to have to have replacement mouth parts and eyeparts for stopframe, and I had wanted to have models done for the start of the new year.

Nevermind, I hear that stop-frame animation is really easy and never at all problematic, so I am sure everything is going to be fine and not at all ropey.

hello Film Fans

Posted by Will at 14:07, January 19th, 2006

still posting entries to my production diary as comments to a post called , logically, Production Diary. I am at college, waiting to go in to see George Lacroix, the external examininer. I imagine he will want to examine me externally, which is, at least, better than the other kind.
Hey! I’m going to try and post a photo of my set…
hold on… no…grunt…maybe…oof…there? no… there.DSCN0899

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Production Diary

Posted by Will at 12:13, December 2nd, 2005

Rather than fill the whole site with diary entries that are there whether your interested or not, I am putting my production diary in the comments section of this post. Click on the comments section to view.

A Drawing of a Person

Posted by Will at 10:08, May 13th, 2004

A Drawing of a Person 0.2Mb 0.3Mb
(this is not an image from the film, but it is near enough)

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Bee Control in City Parks

Posted by Will at 20:26, March 29th, 2004

beecontrol2Bee Control in City Parks 7.9Mb

A Municipal information film (about bee’s controlling city parks)

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Pooky the Giant Shrew

Posted by Will at 19:58, December 29th, 2003

Pooky the Giant Shrew 3.6 MB 7.9 Mb pooky

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