Wills production Diary_170506

the last few days…Still animating. I have been editing as I go along so it’s not so bad. but there is a lot to do. Have to composite Model animation green screen- literally a green screen- with 2d animation. Am enlisting the help of Martin Pickles and Nuno Costa… Have discovered the joys of Final Cut Pro. I think I love it. I like Editing and I like Writing- I must be weird. I wish time was more elastic. Neeed Slleeeeeep.

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  1. Will Says:

    I finally completed the film on Friday the 26th of May. I did my Dub (final laying down of sound to image) with a really nice guy, Mike Wyeld (pronounced Wild) and his friend Franco Ross Adams, at the National Film and Television School. At some point I will rationalise this production diary into a useful document, perhaps a pie-chart, which will serve as a warning to others.
    For now I must make sure my show is up properly and get some sleep…

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