Middle dog gets angry

middle dog gets angry 04 2
Hello everyone. Here is Middle dog gets angry. It’s very small but you can just about see.

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  1. afet Says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Very funny and very clever.

  2. hannah truran Says:

    hi george love it love it.great ..i recognise the singing voice of that tall dog. he he. hannah x

  3. Dan McRae Says:

    What a beautiful little animation. I feel all warm inside now.

  4. fadi mikhail Says:

    great animation. set for stardom this piece.

  5. Melanie Coombs Says:

    I saw this film at Stuttgart and absolutely love it. Can you send me a copy? email me at melanie@melodramapictures.com so I can tell you how much I love it! best m

  6. Rano Says:

    style. wit. the message. masterminded. nice one, george! hey, and i can hear your old monkey tune undertones …
    btw is this the piece from your summer show, i was asking about? or is there more GG creations coming our way?

  7. giles mitchell Says:

    Hi George,
    just stumbled across your film whilst on the internet, love the facial expressions. It reminded me of when petra showed me some piece of paper of hers that you had drawn all over with humping rabbits in numerous funny positions.
    Ive been working as a product designer in Tokyo for over two years now, let me know if you show stuff over here id like to see it. I wanted to look at Pingpongs as I noticed lots of people wrote nice things about it but I couldnt find it, can you send it to me?
    medium giles

  8. tep Says:

    beautiful, sweet
    thank you

  9. Julie Says:

    Salut !

    Super c’est tout simplement formidable (wonderful) j’ai decouvert votre anim’ ? une projection des films de pictoplasma qui a eu lieu ? Lille, (oui en France)
    et je me suis bien gauss?.

    Bravo !

    O? peut on avoir la bande originale ?


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