Weather Report

Weather Report is a collage of footage home recorded over an entire year on one UK channel – weather reports. The supposedly banal is transformed into cultural gold!

LaurieHill WR 01

Laurie Hill

Project title:
Weather Report

Individual work titles:
1. Weather Report
2. Chrissie, Sian, Martyn, Robin, and Becky
3. Chrissie
4. Sian
5. Martyn
6. Robin
7. Becky

Running time:
approx. 45 secs each
all together 6 mins

Composites formed from instances of appropriated TV footage: national and London weather reports recorded over an entire year 2004-2005 on one UK channel.
These home-recorded reports have been cropped to a single video ‘line’ each and spliced together to form new hybrids.
Together the hundreds of linear fragments play back simultaneously, as do the vocal commentaries.

Chrissie, Sian, Martyn, Robin, and Becky is an amalgam of multiple presenters, charting the frequency of their appearances.

Aspect ratio:

Language of dialogue:

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