My First Taste Of Death

Laurie Hill


Film title:
My First Taste of Death

Running time:
9 mins 30 secs

Another special collaboration crossing the barriers of time.

A kind of angsty and tormented take on Hollywood actioner full of surreal detail and humour. Me and the boss discover Dodo island, I face a deadly struggle with my nemesis the demented sea scorpion and the whole adventure can only end in tears.

Miniaturised King Kong but without the ape?

Extra information:
As with My Life At 40, the script is a genuine document written when I was 12 and left unedited.

BAFTA award-winner Ian W. Gouldstone provides the voiceover.

About the music: ‘I wanted a powerful original score to be a key feature of my film and was keen to have a close collaboration with the composer, Andrew Lomatschinsky, from a very early stage in the development of the film. Visual and musical ideas were to develop together and proceed through close dialogue right through to the final dubbing session. Jacquelyn McKay provided the soprano vocal performance.’

Andrew Lomatschinsky comments on the score: ‘All the music is original and written for this film. As a point of interest, the text used for the soprano is formed from extracts of writings from Hildegard von Bingen (c.1175 AD).’

Aspect ratio:

Language of dialogue:

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