Actors wanted: Obsessive-compulsive male and angry-beautiful female required for part-animated structuralist romantic comedy tragedy. Can pay expenses only. Must supply own lighting rig.

So I finished the script. There’s now a plot. It even made sense to three out of four people that read it. On Saturday I showed my script to an actual, living actor. She suggested I bypass lurking outside acting colleges and personally approach professional actors that I admire. This was a very encouraging complement, but it brought to my attention two rather unnerving thoughts: One, I’m nearing the point of having collaborators, who are most likely far more experienced than I am, and I’m going to have to tell them, “Yes, this is the film I’d like you to help me make”, and, “no, those are all the pages.”; two, I don’t watch enough TV to know of any small-screen actors I’d like to work with. However, I am very familiar with the big-screen. I made a shortlist last night and I’ve decided I’m going to offer every role in the story to Dustin Hoffman, including all extras, props and sets (interior and exterior). Nothing makes a convincing coffee table like pure Stanislavskian Method.

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  1. Dan Says:

    how long is it? i like the idea of a structuralist rom-traj. look forward to hearing more.

    tom and i watched never been kissed last night. i don’t really know why. check my blog – there’s a post relating to a gig you were at – it’s quite a funny story, or it was last night when we found out the punchline anyway.

    in re: actors, david mitchell from peep show is good… very in demand though.

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