Photograph Of Jesus at Cinéfil Festival

Laurie Hill

Photograph Of Jesus screened at Cinéfil Festival, France

Cinéfil Festival
23 July - 8 August

La Roche de Glun 23-24 July
Valence 25 July
Andance 27-28 July
Les Roches de Condrieu 30 July
Sainte Colube 1-2 Aug
Lyon 4-6 August
Trevoux 8 August

Blurb as follows:
‘Born in 2007, Cinéfil Festival is a travelling festival taking place on a canal boat going through seven towns in the French region of Rhones Alpes. The screening lasts about an hour on the upper deck of the canal boat. The objective is to bring cultural propositions in cultural disinherited place. It’s why we made the choice of free and outdoors screening to get the largest public possible and to sensitive them to the short form.’

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