Photograph Of Jesus at Serendipity Arts Festival

Laurie Hill

Photograph Of Jesus screened at Serendipity Arts Festival in December 2018 as part of a special programme Still/Moving: The Folds Within Cinema and Photography curated by Dr. Sabeena Gadihoke.

Serendipity Arts Festival
Panaji, Goa, India
15-22 December 2018

The info from the website:

Still/Moving is a curated package of non-fiction films that attempts to enable a dialogue between pre-existing material and images created by the filmmaker. Deploying archival images and found footage, the films in the package wrestle with questions of erasure, silence or loss. Memory is central to almost all the films. In some, memory collides with history while in others it explores the incertitude that lies between the two. Thematic preoccupations –  about identity, race, migration, violence and displacement – run through the documentaries as each filmmaker grapples with the conundrum of image-making and truth claims. The selection includes iconic and celebrated films that have explored the dynamic relationship between still and moving images as well as others that have paid tribute to them. Looking for, and engaging with hidden, overlooked, excluded, discarded and found material, these films discover new ways of exploring the past and commenting on the present. In a moment marked by convergence, the documentaries in this package celebrate the hybrid form and the fluid boundaries between cinema and photography. As ruminations on ‘stillness’ and movement they pay homage to the photograph and its expanded role within the moving image.

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