My Life At 40 in DOKFEST Leipzig

Laurie Hill

49th Leipzig Festival of Documentary and Animated Film Germany
30 October 5 November 2006

‘Films that are not easily categorised are presented in Leipzig for this very reason: True stories combined with animation techniques - reality is not only where we expect it to be, and it can have many different faces. For the eleventh time, Leipzig presents “documentary animated” films. New, short-films with decidedly documentary contents will be screened in two different programme blocks. Presented productions require the audience to give up on prevailing aesthetic perceptions of documentary and animated film. If able to do so, viewers will perceive an imaginative and illusionary reality - the reality of drawings, puppets, or 3D-computer animated figures and other animation film characters. They are protagonists of the imaginary worlds of authors and their respective realities. AnimaDoc is a journey to the imaginative border between documentary genre and fiction. An exciting trip to new aesthetic terrain.’

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